Garden Center Landscape WIP

I have been working on updating the landscape for my garden center property environment.

I created the height map to base the landscape generation on using Photoshop and Substance Designer.

I created a material in UE4 that blends textures depending on slope, height, and landscape painting.

Sci-Fi Research Station WIP

I am working on an extraterrestrial research station made in Unreal Engine 4.

The base has both an exterior and an interior. The main area of the interior is connected to the exterior through a hangar which will contain spacefaring vessels. Textures are made using Substance Designer and Photoshop.

City Environment WIP

I am currently working on a blueprint system within Unreal Engine 4 which generates buildings with a set of user controlled parameters. Buildings have variable sizes, layouts, materials, and more.

Utilities Package

This is a pack of modular industrial and utility meshes, textures, and blueprints that I made for use in Unreal Engine 4.  It will soon be released on the Epic UE4 Marketplace.  I have included various decals that can be used in a multitude of ways, materials for flowing and static waste and toxic material, and a wide variety of pipe pieces and accessories.  All objects have custom Level of Detail and collision meshes.

CGTrader Digital Art Competition

Utilities Package Development

I am working on a pack of modular industrial meshes.  I have made pipe pieces of various configurations that can be fit together in different combinations, as well as an Unreal Engine blueprint that lets the user design their own spline based pipe shape. 

UCC 275th Anniversary Design Process

I went through several design iterations for the United Church of Christ's Inspiring a Legacy of Faith 275th Anniversary event.  The final logo will be used on pamphlets, apparel, and the Church's website.

Freelance Atrium Concept Design

I was tasked with designing the layout and structure of a proposed addition to my local church and demonstrated the proof of concept in real time using Unreal Engine 4. 

In a recent publication, I described a possible future building expansion at our church. This dream idea is an atrium attached to our existing building complete with skylights, large windows, ceiling fans, chandelier, a hospitality center, a wheelchair ramp, two elevator entrances, and two entrances to the outdoors. Tim read the description in my publication, came to the church to meet with me and to envision the project for himself. He took pictures, made notes and sketches, and went back to his computer and created a fantastic computer-generated rendition of the atrium. Using skills needed for computer graphics artistry, Tim took all the ideas I wrote about and added a few more accessories that made the atrium look realistic. With software, he was able to simulate what a person might see if one was to stand in the middle of the atrium. He also included the panoramic feature allowing a computer user to see a 360-degree view of all angles, up close and at a distance. I am pleased to recommend Tim to anyone who needs to have a project come to life with computer graphics.
— Client: Galen Russell